Leaders & Power

Christ confronted a society obsessed with power with something even more powerful than power itself — love.

Guilt & Shame Are Not the Same

Finding Freedom From Both Guilt is a feeling familiar to us all. Even though we may describe it in different ways — a bothered conscience, feeling culpable for an offense, or a sense of responsibility for a regretful action — guilt is a disconcerting emotion and one often hard to shake. It can feel like […]

Improving Your Interest Rate

The Irresistible Power of a Great Question David could predict his daughter’s response. The daily dull ritual frustrated something deep within him. Picking up his twelve-year-old daughter at school every afternoon this caring dad wanted one thing – to simply engage his daughter in some meaningful conversation. Somehow, however, it was getting even more difficult […]

12 Ways to Increase Your Joy

I know Christians are supposed to be joyful people. And I realize that joy is a result of having the Spirit in me. . .that among all the people of the earth, Christians have the greatest reason to be full of joy. But, sometimes life steps in and robs me of the joy. I know […]

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