Group Counseling

Grow In A Group

Emerge Group Counseling can provide a safe environment in which you have the opportunity to practice new behaviors, improve skills, and receive feedback from others with similar concerns and experiences. Group counseling can allow members to feel less isolated as they work through challenges within an environment guided by a trained and licensed counselor.

Emerge groups focus on varying skills and themes, and offer both help, healing, and hope. If you are a current client at Emerge Counseling, please speak to your clinician for a referral for a group. If you are not a current client and would like to join a group, please call Emerge for more information to set up a screening. Payment for groups can be discussed with our Client Registration Office (insurance is accepted).

Brothers in Arms Sigma Alpha

A men’s group for SA Recovery

Group Leader: Jerome Thompson, LISW

10 weekly group sessions for adult men 18+ who are seeking to overcome a variety of unwanted sexualized behaviors.

Goals for this group:

  • Learn how to control unwanted sexualized behaviors
  • Improve emotional regulation
  • Mutual support with other men in the group
  • Spiritual healing and hope in Christ


Calming the Chaos

An educational support group for adults struggling with “out of control” thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Group Leader: Maribeth Lieberth, MA, LPCC

12 weekly group sessions for adults 18+

Next group begins Tuesday, January 11, 6:00–7:30pm

Goals for this group:

    • Learn skills to increase satisfaction in relationships and have your needs met. Learn how emotions work and how to gain more control over yours.
    • Learn skills to move through the difficult times.
    • Learn skills to increase your awareness of your surroundings and situations.
    • Practice claiming God’s promised peace in the midst of our chaotic broken world.

Changing Directions

Replace unhealthy behaviors with healthy behaviors.

Group Leader: Grace Dusek, MA, LPC, CDCA

An 8-week group for adults 18+

Goals for this group:

    • Develop a firm foundation for personal change through spiritual growth.
    • Gain understanding of habitual patterns. Develop a concrete plan for breaking old habits and developing new ones.
    • Experience support and perspective from fellow habit breakers.

Mending Emotions

Learn coping skills through Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Group Leaders: Connor English, CT

A 12 week group for adolescents, age 13-17.
New groups starting every 3 months!
For start dates and times, please call Emerge.

Goals for this group:

    • Improved emotional regulation
    • Better communication skills
    • Improved self-awareness
    • Mindfulness skills