Ministry Leaders

Who Pastors the Pastor?

The role of spiritual leadership in today’s world is full of rewarding opportunities and potentially treacherous obstacles.

Over 45 Years of Serving Leaders

Healthy churches are formed best by healthy pastors and leaders. While doing the work of ministry – preaching, teaching, counseling and leading – it is easy for men and women in ministry to neglect the needs of their own lives and souls.

Emerge has spent almost fifty years investing in, training and counseling pastors, missionaries and church leaders from all fifty states and around the world. We have a team of speakers, counselors and coaches who specialize in the needs of pastors and pastor families.

Short-Term Services

We recognize that EMERGE offices may not be local to all who wish to utilize our services. For this reason we have made Short Term Services available. For this service, those who live out of town can come to any of our locations to receive accelerated counseling services over the course of 3–4 days.

Psychological testing will be done in order to best assist the clinician to establish a baseline in which to work from. This helps our counselors to quickly define the areas of personal strengths and growth areas. 

EMERGE calls this specialized service Short Term Evaluation and Psychotherapy (STEP).

EMERGE strives to make you feel at home during your important journey to health, hope and healing.

Hotel Discounted Rates have been established. Please contact our Client Registration Specialists to be emailed a list of suggested hotels to utilize during your stay.


Top 15 issues reported from males in ministry:

1. Not getting enough exercise

2. Being overweight

3. Feeling depressed or sad

4. Feeling anxious or uptight

5. Being tired and having no energy

6. Friend or family member being emotionally upset

7. Being criticized by others

8. Child or spouse having emotional problem

9. Having trouble concentrating

10. Having unsatisfactory sexual relationship

11. Being afraid of failing on the job

12. Budgeting money

13. Feeling guilty

14. Feeling lonely

15. Having constant arguments with spouse

Top 15 issues reported from females in ministry:

1. Feeling depressed or sad

2. Feeling anxious or uptight

3. Feeling lonely

4. Being overweight

5. Not getting enough exercise

6. Being criticized by others

7. Child or spouse having emotional problem

8. Not making enough money

9. Being tired and having no energy

10. Not being able to relax

11. Having sexual problems in marriage

12. Not being understood by spouse

13. Friend or family member being emotionally upset

14. Having poor eating habits

15. Not having close friends