Every Soul Free & Thriving

EMERGE Counseling Services strives to meet mental health needs through counseling, education, research and fundraising events. In addition, we have a rental space available to be used for professional development training events and meetings within the Akron, OH area.

Discover Wholeness

At Emerge we strive to counsel people towards wholeness and healing. We believe that God’s intention is that we do more than survive – He desires for us to thrive in life. Psalm 23 says, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want…” There is a fulness and freedom in life intended for each of us. The journey towards freedom is one we love to see people experience.

Clinical Counseling

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If you are not quite ready, we understand. Please look at the information we have provided on this page to help you better understand our services.

EMERGE seeks to provide counseling services in as many ways as possible to best meet the needs of those we serve. We strive to make you feel at home during your important journey to health, hope, and healing.

Office Appointments
If you are able to visit us at one of our locations, we offer in-person office visits with a licensed professional clinician or intern.

Short Term Services
We recognize that EMERGE offices may not be local to all who wish to utilize our services. For this reason we have made Short Term Services available. For this service, those who live out of town can come to any of our locations to receive accelerated counseling services over the course of 3–4 days.

Online Counseling
For those that live in the state of Ohio, but are not local to one of our offices, we have online counseling available.

STEP Process
Psychological testing will be done in order to best assist the clinician to establish a baseline in which to work from. This helps our counselors to quickly define the areas of personal strengths and growth areas. EMERGE calls this specialized service Short Team Evaluation and Psychotherapy (STEP).

Discounted rates have been established with local hotels. Please contact our Client Registration Specialists at 800-621-5207 to be emailed a list of suggested hotels to utilize during your stay.

Who We Serve

EMERGE has skilled Christian mental health professionals on staff to offer counseling services to senior adults, adults, adolescents, children (3 years of age and older), families, marital and premarital couples and groups.

Each clinician is state board approved and has met the necessary number of trainings to have a current license. Individual counselors have expertise, specialization or training in varied issues.

Areas We Serve



Anger Management


Chronic Mental Illness


Eating Disorders 

Emotional Abuse


Marriage & Family Issues

Mood Disorders

Parenting Issues

Preventative Marriage Care

Physical Abuse

Post-Traumatic Stress

Self-Injuring Behavior

Sexual Abuse

Special Needs Children


Suicidal Thoughts


More Services

EMERGE Groups provide a safe environment in which you can learn new behaviors, improve skills, and receive feedback from others with similar concerns, experience and interests.

Get detailed information regarding our billing and insurance policies, designed to support you.

EMERGE has spent almost 50 years investing in, training, and counseling ministry leaders from all around the world. We have a team of speakers, counselors, and coaches who specialize in the needs of pastors and ministry families.

EMERGE strives to offer the best in education by providing opportunities to counseling professionals, local churches, and individuals in the community.

 Do you find you have the heart to help, but lack the skills and training you need? Our Center for Pastoral Counseling offers the skills and practical tools you need for counseling others.

Just like our automobile needs an occasional tune-up, a healthy marriage can benefit greatly from targeted guidance and the expertise of a Professional Christian Counselor.