Creating a Trauma-Informed Culture

Trauma Center

The Emerge Trauma Center is dedicated to reawakening the mind, body and soul of survivors with biblically-based theological wisdom and trauma-informed approaches to wholeness.

We utilize research-supported treatment techniques that incorporate neurobiological approaches when coming alongside survivors in their quest for healing.

Why a trauma-informed culture matters

Jesus is no stranger to the impact of trauma on a mind, body and soul. He faced the cross with dignity and mercy, so that all those that suffer from the harms inflicted in this world could find a place of rest and freedom. He transcended and overcame death, so our physical, emotional and spiritual wounds would not leave us desolate in this world. The Trauma Center at Emerge honors the integration of Jesus’ love for the traumatized and the latest clinically advanced approaches.

How we define trauma

An event or series of events that activates the body, brain and soul of a person to survive whatever experience is before them. If the individual’s support system or environment does not provide safety / connection after the event(s), their body, brain and soul won’t be able to return to a state of balance. Therefore, the survival state remains activated, and the body, brain and soul are rewired to protect the self in all experiences deemed (vulnerable) in everyday life.

True self can become fractured (lost) and more protective and primal states lead the system.  An individual’s system moves from a natural / necessary approach to a maladaptive state of survival. The enemy preys on the vulnerability of the system and will attempt to enslave the individual in the wounds of the past or the fear of the future. When we are blinded to the truth in the now, we struggle to reconnect to safety in any or all parts of our life.

60% of men & 50% of women
have experienced at least one traumatic experience in their lives

10% of women & 4% of men
develop PTSD sometime in their lives

8 million
adults have PTSD during a given year

29% of children and teens
on average, go through at least one traumatic experience



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