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Coach Training

Certified Leadership Coach Program

with the Destination Leadership Expedition Coaching Program

In this learning experience, you will receive training as an ICF-approved Certified Leadership Coach. Discover life coaching as a learning tool designed to facilitate thinking, creativity, communication, and problem solving in your local context.
Pastors & Church Leaders
Implement life coaching principles within your local church or ministry teams, and receive a 25% discount by using code DISCOUNT25.
Managers & Business Leaders

Lead your team, company, or organization with life coaching strategies and training.

Life Coaches

Launch yourself as an Emerge Life Coach with ICF-approved certification training.

Certified Training

Receive certification accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) — the gold standard for life coaching.

Training includes:

  The 5-Step GUIDE Coaching® Model
  The 6-Step DIRECT Feedback Model
  The Manager Coach Continuum
  The Coaching Through Change Model
  7 Days to Learner course by Dr. Marilee Adams

All of these tools can be successfully used in your coaching engagement or team performance context.

Training includes coaching practice, mentor coaching, and a great toolbox of resources to begin using immediately.

Program Overview

The life coaching curriculum is aligned and mapped to the Core Competencies of the International Coaching Federation, and fully integrated into the 65-hour Certified Leadership Coach training program. High-level outlines of the core content/topics are below:
Part 1: Developing a Coaching Mindset
Module 1: The Coaching Role
Leadership Coaching Role & Principles
Tell/Ask Continuum (What/How/Who)
The Managing-Mentoring-Coaching Distinction
Development vs. Performance Conversations
Coaching Relationship Compass: Trust Model
Develop an Intentional Coaching Mindset

Module 2: GUIDE Coaching® Model
Developmental Conversation
The 5-Step GUIDE Coaching® Model
Establishing the Coaching Agreement
The Beginning, Middle, and End
The Coaching Mindset Shift
Developing Coaching Presence

Module 3: Intentional Listening™
The Coachee’s Agenda
Listening for the Positive Essence
The Iceberg Model for Listening
The “Who” vs. “What”
The Listening Mindset Shift
Diffuse Emotional Hijacks & Overcome Filters

Module 4: Intentional Questioning™
The Intentional Questioning Process
Open & Closed-Ended Questions
Facilitating Thinking & Problem Solving
Developing Shifting Questions (From/To)
The Intentional Questioning Mindset Shift
Transferring Ownership for Action

Part 2: Applying the Coach-Approach
Module 5: Coaching Through Change
The Coach-Approach to Change & Transition
Coaching Through the Stages of Change
Shifting from Resistance to Acceptance
Explore Choice & Mindset During Change
Apply Intentional Listening to Transition
Apply Intentional Questioning to Transition

Module 6: Coach-Approach to Feedback
Intentional Coaching™ Language
Facilitating Awareness & Aha Moments
Developmental Feedback Types
Sharing Observations, Request, Challenges, Information, and Insights for Awareness
Acknowledging the Coachee’s Essence

Module 7: The DIRECT Feedback™ Model
The 6-Step DIRECT Feedback™ Model
Coaching and the Performance Curve
Manager Agenda & Ownership
Holding People Accountable
Taking a Coach-Approach to Performance Conversation in the Workplace

Module 8: Coaching Workplace Styles
Coaching Workplace Styles: Achieving, Persuading, Supporting, and Evaluating Styles
Focus: Task vs. People; and Tell vs. Ask Focus
Explore Characteristics and Challenges
Understanding Self and Others
Adapting Your Workplace Style

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