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The Endorsed Licensed Clinicians (ELC) List provides a resource for individuals, couples, families, ministers, church leaders, and anyone else desiring Christian counseling to connect with a qualified clinician in their local area. Clinicians found on the ELC List will exemplify the best of integrated practices, mirroring the long-standing reputation of Emerge.

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The Endorsed Licensed Clinician List is provided as a courtesy to people seeking Christian counseling and is for reference purposes only. To Emerge Counseling Ministries’ knowledge, the clinicians included in the Endorsed Licensed Clinician List are Christian mental health clinicians who will strive to counsel from a biblical perspective. Emerge recommends contacting a clinician’s office directly to: (1) determine whether their Christian beliefs align with yours; (2) determine whether or not their counseling style will be a good fit for your needs; and (3) obtain information regarding their fees and accepted insurance. Emerge does not guarantee the quality of, or results from, counseling provided by clinicians in the Endorsed Licensed Clinician List. Emerge does not accept any responsibility or liability related to any aspect of counseling received from clinicians included in the Endorsed Licensed Clinician List. Unless explicitly stated, the clinicians included in the Endorsed Licensed Clinician List are not employed by Emerge Counseling Ministries.