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The Teaming Church

Create a successful team culture. Great teams live and serve in light of the Divine Team—the Trinity, and to be truly...

Broken Windows of the Soul

Broken Windows of the Soul: The "Broken Windows Theory" suggests that a community can reduce crime and maintain social...

The One Jesus Loves

How close can we get to Jesus? How close do you want to get? Six circles of relationship formed around Jesus in his...

RightNow Media (RNM) brings to you a wide variety of faith-based entertainment, multiple training sessions, teachings on self care (including mental health care), uplifting kids’ cartoons, and much more.

RNM provides a level of options and resources that are similar to the quantity of Netflix. There are over 20,000 churches, schools, and ministries who partner with RightNow Media. As a partner with Emerge, RNM is providing you and your family with FREE personal access to this resource. Encourage your friends and family to visit the Emerge site and share the wealth!