Marriage Tune-Up

Maintain and maximize your marriage!

Just like our automobile needs an occasional tune-up (i.e., oil change, brake checkup, fluid top-offs, etc.), a healthy marriage can benefit greatly from targeted guidance and the expertise of a Professional Christian Counselor.

 A Marriage Tune-Up is a personalized and private consultation where your unique relationship challenges are addressed and strengths are enhanced.

This is not crisis or mental health counseling; rather, it is preventative care for your marriage and a proactive way to enhance the quality of your relationship. A Marriage Tune-Up is an intentional investment in maintaining and maximizing the life-long covenant of marriage.

The Marriage Tune-Up consultation is held on our main campus in Akron, OH. Under special circumstances EMERGE consultants may come to your location.

Practical assessments are completed by the couple ahead of time, and interpreted by the consultant. This enables understanding of each couples’ unique relationship circumstances.

The couple receives private and confidential consultation with a Spirit-led, well-trained consultant.

It is not eligible for insurance reimbursement because it is not “counseling” and there is no mental health diagnosing involved.

The Marriage Tune-Up is $550 and includes a four-hour session scheduled over two days (two hours each day).

To schedule, please fill out the online Client Registration form. Make note in the “concern” field that you would like to schedule a Marriage Tune-Up. The Client Registration office will contact you for scheduling your Marriage Tune-Up session.

 If you have further questions, please contact the client registration office at 800-621-5207 or email