Supporting foster families this Christmas season

Giving Tree

We at Emerge Counseling Ministries are thrilled to announce our first Giving Tree campaign to celebrate this Christmas in its greatest form…giving!

The goal of Giving Tree is to bring hope to those who are in need and this year the area of focus is our newly-launched Fostering Hope Fund. This fund will provide soul-care and counseling support for uninsured parents of foster children. This support will empower foster parents to sustainably provide ongoing care for the growing number of foster children and youth.

“There are 16,000 children in the Ohio foster care system, but sadly there are only 7,400 licensed foster homes. We have a huge crisis in our state. Foster parents often lack support [to navigate the trauma sustained by] the children who are often moved from foster home to foster home.”

Director of Father’s Heart, Ohio Ministry Network

“Foster parents sometimes get into the job with untenable expectations and then find out the kids that they feel ‘called to’ come with a whole lot of baggage through neglect, abuse, and sexual trauma. But as a society, we basically leave foster parents on their own to cope.”

Director of Family & Community, CompAct Family Service

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