Helping those in need to find rest and live free

Support Funds

AG Pastors

The fund for Assemblies of God pastors directly supports ministry leaders and their families through access to a free 24/7 HelpLine.

Alabaster Fund

The Alabaster Fund enables us to provide free printed, published, and digital resources specific to a woman’s life (infertility, divorce, fostering, etc.).

Broken Hearts

The Broken Hearts Fund provides free services to uninsured and/or financially-unable young adults (21+).

DayStar Pastors Fund

Established through the generosity of Marcus and Joni Lamb, the DayStar Pastors Fund provide free services to uninsured and/or financially-unable pastors and/or their spouses.

Fostering Hope

The Fostering Hope Fund provides counseling for uninsured and/or financially-unable foster parents and their families. Learn more about how we’re supporting this need through this year’s Giving Tuesday campaign.

Healing Heroes

The Healing Heroes Fund provides free services to uninsured and/or financially-unable veterans.

Lichi Legacy

Established through the generosity of Dr. Don Lichi, and in honor of his work at Emerge Counseling, the Lichi Legacy Fund provides need-based financial support for pastors, missionaries, veterans, and others.

Little Hearts

The Little Hearts Fund provides need-based financial coverage, therapy, and group supplies for children ages 0–16.

Pastor Appreciation

Created for the season of Pastor Appreciation Month, these funds provide free counseling for pastors and/or their spouses. This fund is available Oct–Dec 2020. Click here to learn more.


The RAHAB Fund provides free counseling to women who have been sex trafficked and domestically abused. It also supports training for counselors within this specific need.

Shepherd Fund

Established in loving memory of Ella Lutsi, a former Emerge clinician, the Shepherd Fund provides counseling to anyone uninsured and/or financially-unable.