Endorsed Licensed Clinicians

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What is the Endorsed Licensed Clinicians List?

When someone is in need, Emerge Counseling Ministries wants to help connect them to clinicians who will professionally, compassionately, and biblically meet those needs. The Endorsed Licensed Clinicians (ELC) List provides a resource for individuals, couples, families, ministers, church leaders, and anyone else desiring Christian counseling to connect with a qualified clinician in their home state. This resource helps to save time finding a counselor through a trustworthy directory provided by a leader in Christian counseling for nearly 50 years.

  • Must be a licensed clinician (i.e. licensed to practice counseling, psychology, social work, marriage & family therapy, behavior analysis, or chemical dependency) in your state with at least 3 years of clinical experience.
  • Must have at least a master’s degree in the human services field.
  • Must be a strongly committed, mature Christian, and have a demonstrated history of integrating theology and psychology in your clinical practices.
  • Must not have had any disciplinary action against your license within the immediately preceding 5 years. Each clinician must authorize and pass a standard background check.
  • Must complete all parts of the Endorsed Licensed Clinicians application and submit all necessary documents.
  • Must have application reviewed and be approved by the Clinical Support Team at Emerge Counseling Ministries. You will then be notified, and your profile will be published to the Endorsed Licensed Clinicians list.

Application Components:

The application must be completed in one sitting as it cannot be saved. The application may take an estimated time of 20 minutes to complete. Please be sure to have all components of the application ready prior to beginning and submitting the application.

The application requests the following information to be completed and items to be uploaded:

  • Information about current licensure including type, number, issuing state, and expiration date; copy of current clinician license or online license verification to be uploaded.
  • Must submit a resume outlining professional experience for at least five years, which also includes degrees earned, clinical licenses granted, and certifications obtained.
  • Must provide a few paragraphs about your personal statement of faith.
  • Must submit a reference letter from a colleague who has referred clients to you or from an individual directly aware of your work (such as a previous or current supervisor). Please note, references cannot be submitted from individuals who are related to you.
  • Must submit a reference letter from a pastor who is personally familiar with your character. Please note, references cannot be submitted from individuals who are related to you.
  • Please submit at least one certificate of training in one evidence-based model of therapy (i.e. CBT, EMDR, DBT, etc.) that you have been trained in through a continuing education course, seminar or training supervision since your initial licensing. Please be prepared to provide the titles of the 3 most recent continuing education courses, seminars or trainings that you have attended.
  • Must provide a few paragraphs outlining how you integrate your basic theological beliefs into counseling. If there is any topical belief you hold that would be different from the traditional evangelical church, this should be outlined in this narrative as well (i.e. homosexuality, adultery, pornography, transgender issues, etc.).

How It Works:

After submitting your application, the Clinical Support Team will review it for approval. Once approved, you will need to complete a background check and then receive an invitation to complete your clinician profile and provide a professional photo.

An introductory fee of $59 for the first year will be due. Your listing will then renew annually for $99/year. If need be, you are welcome to remove your listing at any time.

Have questions?

Contact us with any questions or comments and we’ll be happy to assist.

Have everything ready?

The Endorsed Licensed Clinician List is provided as a courtesy to people seeking Christian counseling and is for reference purposes only. To Emerge Counseling Ministries’ knowledge, the clinicians included in the Endorsed Licensed Clinician List are Christian mental health clinicians who will strive to counsel from a biblical perspective. Emerge recommends contacting a clinician’s office directly to: (1) determine whether their Christian beliefs align with yours; (2) determine whether or not their counseling style will be a good fit for your needs; and (3) obtain information regarding their fees and accepted insurance. Emerge does not guarantee the quality of, or results from, counseling provided by clinicians in the Endorsed Licensed Clinician List. Emerge does not accept any responsibility or liability related to any aspect of counseling received from clinicians included in the Endorsed Licensed Clinician List. Unless explicitly stated, the clinicians included in the Endorsed Licensed Clinician List are not employed by Emerge Counseling Ministries.