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Robin E. Crow

Certified Life Coach

North Ridgeville, OH
Certified Life Coach
B.A. Biblical Studies



My life has been dedicated to helping people for years. As a full-time minister, I am in constant communication and interaction with the struggles that people encounter on a daily basis. Now that my children are grown, I am interested in diving further into professional Life & Leadership Coaching.

Ideal Coaching Client  |  Anyone who has family situations, new moms, those dealing with elderly parents, anyone in full-time ministry, or those dealing with anxiety/depression.

DISC Personality  |  S, I, D

Enneagram  |  6

Tona Kautz

Certified Life Coach

Medellin, Colombia
Bachelor’s Degree, Church Leadership
Master’s Degree, Organizational Leadership
Master’s Degree, Clinical Psychology – current
Ordained Minister (Assemblies of God)


For 25 years I have worked in a variety of leadership roles with all ages, from children to adults. I often found myself asking questions to help people discover how they truly desired to grow. I love to encourage and motivate people to reach their goals and realize their potential. When I discovered coaching, I realized that it was a way to take my communication strengths and use them to help others as they navigate transition, go through difficult times, seek ways to improve themselves or set goals and next steps. As a certified coach, I have worked with college students as they navigate their transition into independence and adulthood. I have coached team leaders through staff changes and through strategies to align their teams towards a common vision. I have also coached a variety of adults as they make life decisions, work through relationship challenges, and find work/life balance.

Ideal Coaching Client  |  Ready to move towards their future. It takes courage to make decisions and to ask for help. Working with a coach can be a big leap into the unknown. I hope my clients will give themselves a chance to experience the support and positive growth that they can gain from coaching. I would be honored to work together as they take the next step!

DISC Personality  |  Steadiness & Influence

Languages  |  English & Spanish

Angela Marks

Certified Life Coach

Kent, Ohio
Bachelor’s Degree, Biblical Studies (Bethesda College) – current


I received my Life Coaching Certification in December of 2020. My coaching career includes coaching people on everything from time management to working through a major career change. I also daily use coaching skills in my job as a children’s pastor.

Ideal Coaching Client  |  Anyone — I love coaching! I do, however, especially have a heart for young people in underserved populations.

DISC Personality  |  Steadiness

Sarah Rose

Certified Life Coach

Bethalto, IL
Master’s Degree, Marriage & Family Studies (Lee University)
Ordained Minister (Church of God)



Sarah Rose is a certified coach who loves to work with youth, young adults, and women in helping them navigate life and reaching their greatest potential with where they are at in life right now. Some of her key areas of coaching are working with youth and with leadership development.

Ideal Coaching Client  |  Youth, Young Adults, & Women

Jeannette Scott

Associate Certified Coach

Christiana, PA
Associate Certified Coach (ICF)
Credentialed Minister (Assemblies of God)
Bible & Pastoral Ministries (Global University’s Berean School of the Bible)
Speech Communication/Broadcasting (Millersville University)



Jeannette has been coaching professionally since 2015. She began as a full-time coach at an urban homeless shelter, where she coached single women and mothers toward sustainable housing and life change.

Jeannette continued her coaching career serving fellow ministers, their spouses, emerging leaders, and nonprofits, and ministry leaders. Drawing on her previous journalism and publishing career, she has also coached authors to start, stick with, and share their work. She has also employed coaching in prison ministry. Jeannette has been with the Emerge Coaching Network since its launch in 2021.

Ideal Coaching Client  |  Her ideal coaching client is a person who wants to discover, clarify, and implement their next steps for their life, ministry, or nonprofit organization. This includes ministers and missionaries, their spouses, emerging leaders, and authors. An ideal client wants to make an impact through their unique role in God’s story.

DISC Personality  |  Dominance

Myers-Briggs Personality  |  ENTJ

Chris Steward

Certified Life Coach

Redding, CA
Bachelor’s Degree
Certified Life Coach
Certified Minister (Assemblies of God)
Ordained Minister (New Covenant Apostolic Network)


Over the course of being in ministry since 2003, I considered myself to be a person who would coach individuals on a regular basis. Equipped with empathy and the ability to come alongside individuals was something that came naturally to me. Yet, when I was introduced to what coaching really is in April of 2020, I realized that I had a lot to learn and was excited to do so.

In May of 2020, I began looking further into the International Coaching Federation and was amazed at how big of an industry it was and the resources and education that was available. I quickly began to study and further educate myself in the approaches to coaching. Coinciding with my training that I received through the Emerge Coaching Network, I began my own coaching business. After successfully completing the program in December of 2020, I have coached several individuals and observed their growth and confidence in the goals that they are now achieving. It is wonderful to be a part of an industry that brings hope to so many lives as we walk through things together.

Ideal Coaching Client  |  My ideal coaching client is someone who is willing to move forward into the goals they have for themselves, even if the goals are not clearly defined. The opportunity for growth is immense with an individual who recognizes their capacity for change.

DISC Personality  |  Dominance & Influence

Enneagram  |  8

Michelle Stewart

Certified Life Coach

Kissimmee, FL
Theology Certificate
Certified Leadership Coach
Ordained Minister (Assemblies of God, Peninsular-Florida District)



For 34 years I have been actively involved in pastoral ministry and am currently ordained with the Assemblies of God. For the past two years, in addition to co-pastoring with my husband, I have been the middle school Bible teacher at Life Christian Academy in Kissimmee, FL. My years in ministry and teaching, as well as raising five children and experiencing the loss of a teen daughter, have provided me with unique experiences and preparation that led me to Leadership Coach training, which I completed in May 2021. I have been coaching clients to help them focus on the goals they want to achieve and to support them in following through with the steps and actions they discover on our coaching journey. I have been able to coach and help various clients:

  • Identify goals and work towards achieving their goals while gaining new insight into themselves
  • Navigate the pain of loss and grief
  • Manage the stress and challenges of caring for aging parents
  • Discover strengths and apply those to finding a fulfilling career

All churches are made up of imperfect people, both pastors and congregants, which can lead to difficult and sometimes painful situations. After 34 years of pastoral church ministry, I can offer understanding and support to those who have faced challenges in ministry and can work with them to discover insight into themselves and support them in moving forward with purpose. I am passionate in helping people succeed in reaching their goals and achieving personal growth. Having personally experienced the grief and pain of the loss of a child, I offer empathy, understanding and support to those who are navigating their journey of grief and loss.

Ideal Coaching Client  |  My ideal coaching client is someone who is open to new approaches and seeking a coach to come alongside them as they explore their life and work towards achieving their goals.

Enneagram  |  1w2

Chett T. Williams

Associate Certified Coach

Pittsburgh, PA
Associate Certified Coach (ICF)
BS, Business Management
MS, Nonprofit Business Management


Ideal Coaching Client  |  Creatives, professionals, pastors, pastors’ kids, students, ages 17–75

DISC Personality  |  IS – Advisor

Tammy Young

Associate Certified Coach

Sarasota, FL
Master’s Degree, Christian Ministries
Associate Certified Coach (ICF)
Ordained Minister (Assemblies of God, Peninsular-Florida District)



Tammy Young is a vibrant leader and transparent speaker who aims to spark hope in the lives of others. She has lived and ministered in Florida for over two decades, founding Heart2Heart Women’s Ministry (now Sisterhood) at Church of Hope in Sarasota in 1999. Receiving her ordination with the Assemblies of God in 2002, Tammy has walked alongside others in transparency and authenticity. With a vision to help others move beyond their past, she embarked on a journey of transformation, becoming an Associate Certified Coach with ICF-accredited training and launched a coaching practice, One Heart One Hope Coaching, LLC, to empower those she encounters with the message of freedom and transformation.

Tammy earned a master’s degree in Christian Ministries with an emphasis in leadership from AGTS/Evangel University in 2019. Currently, Tammy and her husband, Peter, are earning Doctor of Ministry degrees at Southeastern University. College sweethearts, they have been married for 34 years and are the parents of two adult children. A brand-new Grammy on July 14, 2020 to O’Shaughnessy Wesley (Shaun), Tammy was over the moon to welcome Shaun’s baby sister, Ember Celeste, just fourteen months later, on August 19, 2021.

Today, Tammy coaches men and women to flourish in their present and move into their future. In addition to her personal clientele, Tammy serves on the clinical team of Selah Freedom, coaching survivors of human trafficking and exploitation. With a heart to lead people to their God-appointed path and to their potential — no matter their age, race, faith, status, or season of life — Tammy’s goal is to be a leader worth following, transformed daily from the inside out.

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