Resources + Guidelines

Brand Kit

Brand Identity

Our Name:

Emerge Counseling Ministries


When referring to our organization, especially on first reference, use the full name, “Emerge Counseling Ministries.” On second reference, it is acceptable to shorten the name to “Emerge.”

Use standard formatting for titling with both upper- and lower-case letters.


Do not use EMERGE in only upper-case letters.
Do not use the abbreviation, ECM.

Our Tagline:

Find Rest + Live Free


For consistency, only use the “+” symbol when including the organization tagline.

In instances where special design treatment is needed, and the tagline exists separate from paragraph text, it is acceptable to use only upper-case letters.


Do not use the symbol “&” or word “and” between the two phrases.

Do not use only upper-case letters when the tagline exists within paragraph text.

Our Mission:

Emerge Counseling Ministries transforms lives through distinctively-Christian counseling; communicating the peace, freedom, and wholeness found in Jesus Christ.

Our Vision:

Every soul free and thriving through Jesus Christ.

Our Values:

YOU – Every person matter to God and to us.

HONOR – An atmosphere of affirmation.

COMMUNITY – The finest care and communication for the common good.

TEAMWORK – Not only working well, but working well together.

GENEROSITY – An abundance mindset focused on blessing others.

INNOVATION – A spirit of research, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

Our Logo

The Emerge Counseling Ministries logo consists of a custom icon and a custom typeface, with lowercase letters to evoke a feeling of warmth and friendliness.

The three-leaved sprout is shown emerging from the ground, connected by a unifying halo — a symbol of wholeness. The plant figure itself is reminiscent of stained-glass windows in a nod to Emerge Counseling’s Christian roots. More plainly, it is a symbol reflecting personal and spiritual growth and healing.


Use the color version of the logo, when possible.
Resize the logo with correct proportions.
Use the standard layout and arrangement.
Use the logo with plenty of margin on clean backgrounds.


Do not modify the color, or use any other color variation.
Do not stretch or skew the logo.
Do not rearrange the logo in any way.
Do not place the logo on a busy background.

Logo files, including the icon, are available in our brand kit.

Color (Dark)

Color (Light)




Emerge Counseling Ministries uses a single font to create a streamlined brand aesthetic. We use Gibson (available through Adobe Fonts and other sites) for its modern and minimal, but friendly, nature. Simple in its design, this font is highly legible, welcoming, and has a diverse family of weights and styles for use on headers, sub-headers, and body copy.


Light  |   Light Italic
Regular  |   Regular Italic
Semibold   |   Semibold Italic





R:219  G:197  B:104
C:16  M:18  Y:72  K:0


R:211  G:139  B:95
C:16  M:51  Y:68  K:1


R:61  G:115  B:125
C:78  M:42  Y:43  K:12


R:47  G:57  B:74
C:82  M:70  Y:49  K:43

Color Palette

Our color palette is positive, warm, and bright without being overly cheery. The colors relay qualities of hope, renewal, and growth in a combination that’s atypical for those themes. It communicates a sense of optimism while remaining grounded in reality.


Use the correct color values — RGB for digital and CMYK for print.


Do not use “similar” colors as a substitution, when possible.

A color swatch file is available in our brand kit.